Great or Small – Psalm 37:37

Consider the blameless, observe the upright; there is a future for the man of peace.

Psalm 37:37

Great people, truly great people, are not afraid of the greatness of others. They are not intimidated nor are they threatened when others around them succeed or even surpass them. Great people enjoy lifting others up and never mind showing others the way. On the other hand, small people like to be surrounded by other small people. Small people tear others down in laughter and seldom offer a kind word unless it is to flatter someone in their favor. Small people gossip out of jealousy and have no concept of loyalty. After reading this, what type of person do your characteristics mimic? Be real, do you gossip and do others know you as a gossip? Do you immediately pick out the flaws in others? Do you try to stir gossip or do you promote peace?

God calls his children to be great people. Sadly, many allow their flesh to rule and they become small, attempting to bring others to their level. God calls us to love everyone but God does not call us to fit in! While typing this, I thought of a few people who are small people. I do not think of them in judgment but rather sadness. There is no possible way they are happy. The thought of anyone living their entire life unhappy saddens my heart. God has given me too much joy and I can’t imagine life without that joy and love for others. I apologize to people at work if I feel I offend them. I am human and I realized when I am stressed, I say things more bluntly. They laugh and say they pay me no mind. I want others to succeed in life and to have happiness, true happiness.

If you are being the great person God has called you to be, take peace in that. Don’t be so worried about fitting in. There are times when fitting in is not a good thing! I think about the Bible and all those who did not fit in. God called them to a higher purpose. He did not call them to fit in. Small people cannot stand great people because they soar high above them.

Remember, God will always protect and direct those who promote peace, practice patience, and live a life of integrity and honor.


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