“Don’t call me Naomi. Call me Mara,” she answered, for the Almighty Lord had made me very bitter. I went away full, but the Lord has brought me back empty. Why do you call me Naomi, since the lord has pronounced judgement on me, and the Almighty has afflicted me?

Ruth 1:20-21

In preparation for Hurricane Irma, I worked (as a component of my job- disaster response) and I feel like I am unsure of what day it is. I came home from a long day Sunday and questioned why a Sunday night TV show was on! Then it clicked that it was Sunday night. That is where I am at this week mentally LOL!

I wanted to send out a devotion since I didn’t send anything out last week. The devotion tonight is regarding the story of Ruth and Naomi. I want to be a Ruth who stays wherever God calls and who knows deep down that God honors sacrifice. I am learning more and more that when I look for God in things I dread, when I trust him in the less than favorable, I find him in a way that is unexplainable. Ruth stayed! I recently had a time where I confessed to God that if he allowed it, there was ministry in it and I began to pray in such way. I began to pray over the people God was going to have for me to minister to. I began to pray asking for God’s wisdom and that he would give me a heart for where he called. He answered! God ended up using others to minister to me and to confirm where he calls, he ministers. In the past, my prayers would have never made it beyond “God, please don’t make me and I don’t want to.” But this time was different, this time I chose surrender! I have been learning a lot about Ruth and I am seeing God’s faithfulness in her surrender. Let’s be honest, Naomi changing her name to Mara (which means the Lord has dealt bitterly with me) tells us that she was probably not the most enjoyable person. Yes, I know she had suffered much loss but she had Ruth who stayed by her side. That counts for something and God took notice! I know God does the same with you and I. God takes notice when we surrender. God moves in when we surrender!

Is there an area that is less than favorable that God is calling you to? If so, have you surrendered it to God?