Be Still – Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

Last week, I worked on today’s scripture of quieting my spirit. I felt things have been very busy for months and I just needed to take a step back and focus on purpose and intention. I have some home projects I am working on, personal projects I am working on, and honestly, too much that needs to be done in between work and ministry. And we must not forget that fall is coming so all I really want to do is drink coffee with my homemade coconut milk creamer, eat pumpkin bread, travel, and spend time with Gabe. Yes, the missing part in all of that is going to work where we make money to pay the bills LOL! This time each year, I love the anticipation of what is to come and even the excited feelings as the temperature dips into the high 80’s. September always reminds me that good things are the way! If you find that your spirit is tired, just take this week to stop! Stop all the constant of social media, pleasing others, saying yes to everything, feeling the need to be an overachiever, and just stop. Last week I had to work but outside of that, I focused on rest and doing things that create balance in my life like getting my hair colored and a facial. Both my hair and facials keep me feeling like I am treating my body well. My once hair stylist has now become a true friend who now knows just what to do when I sit down in her chair and I say I am feeling blah, I need something LOL! She and I spend our time together talking about food, fashion, health, and skincare. Any girl that can talk for hours about all of the above is defiantly someone I need in my life. In addition, I made some decisions about things that I wanted to work on and put focus to those things that leave me feeling out of balance. Sometimes the things that leave us out of balance need more focus than the things that keep us in balance because the out of balance things need a resolve. It takes focus and intention to come up with solutions for things in our lives that require change. God came in after days of being still and poured out his quietness like rain. Saturday morning, I woke up with complete peace and clarity.

If you are struggling with exhaustion, be still! Yes, we have to go to work but the constant of today’s world can leave us drained. I am always faithful to my workouts but last week, I just took some time off. Again, I am typically very faithful but sometimes, God just wants me to stop the hustle in many areas. Trust God to fill the gaps. That is hard for me but last week, I said Lord not my works but thy works is what will accomplish your will for my life. I don’t have to be enslaved to working to make things happen. I can rest and trust you to fulfill your purpose in my life.

Wishing you all a restful week of stillness! Take some time to reflect. Enjoy what is to come as we welcome a soon coming season shift! Happy Monday!


On the Brink of a Blessing – Hebrews 13:5

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Hebrews 13:5

Monday, I just felt defeated in about every area of my life. Last week, stress and my TMJ caused my mind to think it was ok to allow my flesh eat whatever it pleased. That is never good. I felt overtaken by school, work, family things, my expanding, pear-shaped body, and just Monday in itself. I felt like I possibly needed 5 of me to get back to where I could breath. Yes, that was an overwhelmed fleshly thought. On Tuesday, Jesus calmed my spirit and told me different. The Holy Spirit reminded me that the devil is fighting so hard because I am on the brink of a blessing, a harvest, and an ending to a hard season of obedience. I still have a few months but I have tried with all my heart to honor God for the past 5 years and be obedient as he called me back to school. Before the Lord purposed it in my heart, I had no desire. He began to place that desire in my heart and even once the desire had left, I knew he wanted me to continue on and finish. I will graduate in July with my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and again, I know this will be a huge accomplishment that I give God ALL the glory for! I look back over the past 5 years and I can’t believe how much progress has been made. I remember starting and not knowing anything about online classes, etc. God was and is faithful. He is with me each day through the good and the bad. I love the Lord so much I couldn’t stop. For that reason, I know the devil is fighting many areas of my life. Obedience opens the door for the blessings of God and the devil wants to block those blessings in your life and in my life. Just remember, the devil fights the hardest when we are on the brink of a blessing as the Holy Spirit put in my heart!

The second point for tonight is that obedience is not always wrapped in perfection. Over the past 5 years, I have had days where I felt God was allowing me to conquer the world and days the devil had me feeling defeated. In both types of days, God was very present. My obedience has not been 5 years of perfect days or even good days. There has been much frustration along the way. I think many times, I feel when God calls me to something he is going to equip me with perfection. That is not so and we know that by reading the Bible. However, God works through our imperfections and the imperfect days the same.

My third point is God knows you intimately! I was reminded of this on Tuesday as the Holy Spirit reminded me that God knew my weaknesses when he created me and when he called me! He knew and he purposefully created me with certain characteristics to accomplish his will on this earth. When my nutrition and fitness are off, it consumes me. You may be thinking that is not God’s will and I disagree. God knew if I was going to help others in the same struggle I have, I had to be hard headed and it couldn’t be something I was ok with (felt no different) when I wasn’t doing it. You see, God created in me a struggle that is out of balance when I am not doing as I should and that helps me stay on track. All the people God has allowed me to help have been helped because of my struggle.

I want to encourage each of you, don’t give up! Be obedient to the Lord! God created you just how you are with a plan and a purpose and in that, his purpose for you involves all your carefully crafted imperfections!

On Pinterest, I read the sentence below and it is so true!

The situations we wish God would remove from our lives are often the lessons God uses to teach us to rely on him!


His Understanding is Infinite – Psalm 147:4-5

He counts the stars and calls them by name. Great is our Lord, and of great power; his understanding is infinite.

Psalm 147:4-5

Today, I wanted to take time to share a few things. Life has been very busy! Between school, work (new position), and house renovations, I have had little time to post. I know I posted about this in the past but I wanted to remind you all that I have a Facebook page – Traci Corbin Fitness. I keep it about fitness, faith, and life! I hope to work on bridging this blog with that page. And I hoped by this post, I would bridge those who like this blog with my Facebook page. God has been doing so much in my life. More than anything, he has been teaching me to depend on him when life is outside of my own ability. With so much going on, I have daily deadlines with work and school and now the house has added more deadlines. Many nights last until 11:00 or later so daily I have to start my day with the Lord, pray throughout the day, and finish with many thanks to God for all the blessings in my life!

I have had several devotions come to my mind and heart over the past month. Tonight’s devotion was one that I have to remind myself of often. God reminded me recently that sometimes our emotions blur our vision. We must be careful. As children of God, we must take a step back and talk to the Lord about the situation. After that, we must evaluate his perspective and choose his reaction. Yes, we must choose the Lord’s reaction. I wish I could say that once I know the Lord’s reaction, I easily follow. Unfortunately, it is often the exact opposite. Many times, I know how the Lord wants me to respond but my flesh and pride fight me. My emotions keep me from seeing the true, impartial picture. Instead I see a picture of what the devil speaks to my mind. I see so many things that are opposite the Fruit of the Spirit.

If you are struggling with a situation that has your emotions all crazy, take time to pray about it with an open mind asking God how he would have you to respond. The Lord’s direction is what makes a difference in any situation. The Lord’s wisdom is given to his children to provide direction and protection. Go to your Heavenly Father and ask him for what is already yours!

Hope you all are doing well. I have missed posting! I hope to start back posting at least twice a week. We will see if that happens!


Everything You Do and Everywhere You Go – Proverbs 3:6

Don’t forget to listen to God’s voice in everything you do and everywhere you go; he is the one that will keep you on track.

Proverbs 3:6

Let me start tonight’s devotion by saying the scripture is from Pinterest. It reads a little different than the actual scripture but I loved it! It is worth memorizing and storing in our hearts!

I think things are getting busier despite feeling like they could not. I am back in school mode and I have plenty of work to do at work. I like to see my nephew and niece from time to time. They happen to be my favorite two kids in the world! I try to see my mom and dad because they are after all, my mom and my dad! I work to daily to spend some time in the word and talking with the Lord. I find that a necessity no matter how busy. Today was a long day, not a bad day just long. I had to resubmit a school assignment because of the format. Nevertheless, church was great! It was great to worship the Lord and just have time in his word. I find the long days are the days God confirms his calling on my life. I find the days that drag on with no end and everything is happing at once to be the days that the Lord speaks to me that I can depend on the faithful one!

Whatever today has brought your way or whatever tomorrow brings, know that God is faithful. He is the God of peace, healing, deliverance, love, mercy, grace, and wisdom. He is a faithful God who will finish the work he started in you!



A Little Godly Truth Wrapped in Love – Proverbs 15:13

A happy heart makes the face cheerful.

Proverbs 15:13

I read the post below on Joyce Meyer Ministries Facebook page. I loved it. Well, let me confess right here that I love her! I love how straight forward she is and how she just says it and if you don’t like it, well she keeps moving forward. Of course, she has the balance of Godly love in the mix!

“Stop giving someone else the responsibility to keep you happy. If you want to be happy, be happy. And if you want to be miserable, nobody’s going to be able to stop you.”

At times, people look at me and see their view of what they think I am. People feel things come so easy and I am just outgoing. Well, let me give you a different look. Let me give you a look of a 19 year old girl facing knee surgery and being told she would never run again.  This was her passion and the knee surgery would change everything. Now, let me add to that vision 5 years down the road when that girl is overweight, insecure, not happy with the person she is, and she can’t understand how God could allow her passion to be taken while allowing others who disgrace him to continue having everything their fleshly heart desires. Add to this vision many other trials to include migraines for months on end with no relief and several other trials that each fed the discouragement in her spirit.  This is my flashback to where I was about 8 years ago. I was unhappy with myself and knew I wasn’t being the best me. Over the last 4 years, God has put the fight back in my heart. God has showed me that no one is going to give me anything and no one is going to stop their life because I am miserable. God showed me that I could use those years of knee pain and limitations to make me stronger or to cripple me. God showed me I had that choice. God showed me that if I fight, he will go before me and make a way. God showed me if I trust in him, he will not fail. God showed me if I would get my eyes off others and look to him; I would see the truth in his will and his ways. God showed me that if I would fight, he would meet me in the fight and see me through. God showed me that if I wanted life, if I wanted happiness, if I wanted to take control of my body and my future, I would have to let go of that “poor me” attitude and the attitude that “I have it worse than so many others because of my double knee surgeries and back injury.”

Let go of the things that are keeping you miserable. For me, it was the loser attitude that I had somehow allowed to overtake my mind and my spirit. It was the attitude that said “I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, it just wasn’t in the plan for me, etc.”

If you are unhappy and you are ok with being unhappy then you will remain unhappy. When you get to that point in your life, don’t blame someone else. Look yourself in the mirror and know that happiness was in your grasp, you just chose not to work for it.

To those who have fought hard, keep going. God will not let you stop even when you feel like you can’t do it (I have been there). And when other look at you like someone has given you everything without work, you just smile at God knowing only he knows the battle and only he knows the heart!

Ok, I have to add one last thing off Pinterest (I can’t help myself)- “I want my heart and my passions to be the most beautiful things about me!”

Tonight, I thank God for everything in my past. It has forced me to grow into the person he had for me to become. It left brokenness that he has mended. God has replenished all that I allowed the devil to steal. God has proven his might and his strength. For the beauty that came and continues to come from all that pain and all the struggle, I am grateful with a happy heart :)! I think the strength is beautiful and the determination is astonishing. And yes, I say that as if I am not speaking about myself because it is not me. It is the Holy Spirit!


Thankfulness – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

I know I have been a little MIA lately. One word: finals! However, I am now back and have lots to blog about! The theme of my life lately seems to be thankfulness. This has nothing to do with the Thanksgiving holiday oddly as it may sound. I feel Gabe and I have both been so busy with our jobs that all I can do is think about how blessed we both are to have jobs to be busy with. In addition, my nephew was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (forgive my memory if I have already mentioned this) a week or so before Thanksgiving.  This defiantly put a new spin on thankfulness since diabetes is something manageable versus a terminal diagnosis. I stayed a few days and one night in the hospital with him and I was able to sleep in his hospital bed with him all night! Talk about one of the best days of my life!!!!! We slept horrible and woke up every 2 hours for the nurses but we had quality time together. He turned 7 not long ago so he is growing up and I know I won’t be able to hold him and he won’t want me to give him kisses much longer. And yes, when I hold him know his legs hang to my knees and he is very heavy. Everyone tells me he is too big to hold but I remind them that I am his Aunt Traci and this is just what I do! I bought him a Duck Dynasty shirt Wal-Mart one morning because he didn’t have any cloths and he loved it! He asked his mom if he could wear it every day to school LOL. We ran up and down the halls because once they got his sugar regulated, he was ready to go! We danced and got tired of the hospital together. We counted carbs and just laughed. Despite this being a hard time, I knew the gift God had given us by allowing us to keep him here on earth. Even to watch his sister rub and his shoulder and say “you ok bubby” was so sweet.

After that, I was exhausted and still had finals, Thanksgiving, and other things going. God provided as he always does. I finished school with great grades (that was all God)!!!! Thanksgiving was a wonderful day despite feeling under the weather. Work continues with busyness and that is a blessing. Gabe’s work is busy and that is a blessing. We have a home with heat, we have working vehicles, we have food and plenty of it, we have a tree waiting to be decorated, we have our health, and more than that, we have a huge family that loves us on all sides (my family, my aunts and uncles, my Nanna Bo, my granny and granddaddy, my in-laws and all the aunts and uncles).

It is so easy to lose sight of all we have in the busyness of the holiday season however this year, God will not let me. Every day I thank God for so many things and I truly feel the Holy Spirit is showing me how truly rich my husband and I are.

“In all things give thanks” is what God has brought home lately. I will talk more about this in another post but God has reminded me that being thankful extends far beyond our situation. Being thankful is about the attitude of the heart and is a choice one makes despite circumstances.

Love you all and hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


God’s Path for Your Life – James 5:16

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.
James 5:16

I spoke before that most of my friends have kids……well, all of them LOL. I have some friends that work and many that are stay at home moms. I have one friend that I was talking to and I gave her some of the best advice that God has taught me- be happy wherever you are at!

I know that I will have to work unless God really changes things and I am ok with that. I strive to see the positives in that. I have friends that stay at home, and they have to see the positives in that.

The same applies to other things in life. Dwelling on paths that God does not desire you to go on is pointless and unhealthy.

I was reminded of this today. All day, my day have been planned in order to fit everything in.  As I was working, working out school registration stuff (unless God redirects, I am going back for my bachelor’s degree!), getting dinner cooked, washing cloths, scheduling exercise and trying to get everything done that needs doing before the girls arrived and trying to watch one of my fav shows while typing the devo, I found myself happy!  Well true confession, I didn’t like the work part today but I am thankful I have a job!There has been a lot going on and today I was especially tired ( and illville) but that is ok. To bring anyone who doesn’t know up to date, Gabe and I will have a 2 year old and 3 year old girls from tonight until Monday morning. Anyways, I was reminded of how my days will be when we have one and even two kids and over the next year and a half as I return to school. Everything scheduled and studying at night (ughhhhh).  It is going to be 100% craziness! And I can’t lie and tell you my mind never drifts to “I may (will likely) miss my babies first steps and possible their first words and so much more” but then I have to remind myself that if I stayed at home, my mind would at some point go to “I miss having a job.” So either way there are ups and downs. This “learning to be happy wherever you are at in life” mentality applies to many areas of life!

The point of everything in tonight’s devotion is to say- be happy whatever path God leads you down. Going back to school or working while raising 2 or 3 kids does not sound in any way easy to me but it is the path God has chosen for me.

So smile today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you work, be thankful for your skill, your talent and your contribution to the world. If you are a stay at home mom, be thankful for your crazy days that are filled with your beautiful children, your talent and your contribution to the world. Be thankful you get to see their first step and all the small things that are so important.

I sometimes joke with Gabe that I wouldn’t want to stay at home if I could. I joke that I am going back to work. We both laugh.

It is amazing how God knows each person and the plans he has for them!

In your prayer time this week, ask God to show you his path for your life and ask him to help you see the good in that path no matter what it may be!

And now that I have typed this, I am going to rewind my TV show because I have missed the whole thing!